In November 2019, The Unicorn Project by Gene Kim was been released. The book focuses on the development part of The Unicorn Project of Parts Unlimited which was introduced in the well-known book The Phoenix Project. I finally had the time to read it and share some thoughts about it.


The Phoenix Project is a standard when we are talking about DevOps books. It is written as a novel and focuses on key DevOps concepts. The protagonist is Bill Palmer, VP of a company called Parts Unlimited. If you have not read The Phoenix Project yet, you should definitely order it now or read one of the previous posts where you can read a book review. The Unicorn Project was already mentioned in The Phoenix Project as a project where the developers could start anew and use best DevOps practices without the struggles of the Phoenix Project. In this new book, Maxine, a female senior software developer, is the protagonist. It is the same company, the same story, but now seen from a development point of view.

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