For some people around the globe, a web browser that render text along with graphics is important since it gives an easy to use and attractive interface, glossy look, nice visibility, easy navigation, and after all click-initiated control. On the other hand there exist some people who want a web browser that render text only.

For System Administrators who generally don’t have X-windows as a safety measure on their server, the text based web browser comes to rescue. Some OS comes bundled with the text based browser, viz., the ‘links‘ web comes bundled with Gentoo GNU/Linux where installation proceeds with tar ball.

If a command-line browser is more (speedybetterinterface, etc) then it makes a sense to use such text based browsers. In reality, for some features the text based browser gives more better access to encoded information in the page, than the graphical interface.

Examples of a few web Browser that render text+graphics with a little brief.

Google Chrome

It is a free-ware web browser developed by Google having a usages share of 39%, making it most widely used web browser on the planet. The open source project on which chrome is based is called chromium and is available in the Debian repository (and other distros, however it is not much in my acknowledgement).

Source: tecmint