GNOME MPlayer is based on GTK2/GTK3 front-end interface for playing audio and video files such as CDDVDs, and VCDsstreams etc. With the MPlayer you can create, organize and sort playlists, take video screenshots while playing, subtitle support, notifications about media changes and full support for DVD and MKV chapter.

Ability to retrieve audio and media cover art from the with artist or album information included in the file. It comes with rich API with DBUS and provides a control to handle single or multiple instances Mplayerfrom a single command.

Gnome MPlayer is totally independent and doesn’t depend on any Gnome libraries. The only dependencies are on GTK2 or GTK3GLIB2 and DBUS.

Recently, Gnome MPlayer 1.0.7 has been released with MPRIS v2 (Ubuntu Sound Menu integration) support along with some other enhancement features. A complete change log of this release can be found at gnome-mplayer site.

Source: tecmint